Building Energy Analyzer   PRO 

                                                M ore new features in Building Energy Analyzer PRO



Now with on-site power generation and heat recovery equipment options !      



BEA PRO Brochure

BEA provides quick economic analysis for commercial and industrial building;

  • Cooling (electric, gas, hybrid - 16 different technologies)

  • Desiccant Dehumidification (gas, electric - 6 system configurations)

  • Humidification (gas, electric)

  • Heating (gas, electric)

  • Thermal Storage (5 different technologies)   

  • On-Site Power Generation (8 different technologies)   

  • Waste Heat Recovery (to heating, DHW, absorption, dehumidifier)   

  • OA economizer and sensible/enthalpy heat recovery

  • Constant Volume and VAV air handling

  • Templates for 15 typical buildings (user configurable)

  • Handles complex utility rates (including stand-by rate structure)

  • Weather files for 233 Locations

  • Sophisticated DOE2.1E  8760 computational engine (transparent to the user)

  • Life Cycle Cost analysis module

  • Avoided Emissions Module New !  

  • Highly customizable output report with multiple format export options New !  

  • User friendly - compatible with Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Me


Potential Users;

  • HVAC and Power Generation consultants

  • HVAC and Power Generation system designers and operators

  • Facility managers

  • Gas and electric utility marketers

  • ESCO engineers and marketers

  • Equipment marketers

  • Energy marketers


Compare Energy Options

Calculate annual or monthly loads and costs associated with air conditioning, heating, and on-site power generation with Building Energy Analyzerš. Compare the performance of standard and high efficiency electric chillers, variable speed electric chillers, absorption chillers, engine chillers, thermal storage, on-site power generators, heat recovery, or desiccant systems.

Use to Estimate Energy Loads and Costs

Estimate annual or monthly loads and costs associated with air-conditioning, heating, power generation, thermal storage and cogeneration systems for a given building and location with Building Energy Analyzerš.  Develop a better understanding of what new building heating, cooling, and power technology can mean for your clients.  Prepare side-by-side economic comparisons of different energy option, perfect for client presentations

Use as a Marketing Tool

Easily perform quick-to-use economic analysis for the customerís utility rates, location, and building type. Tailor your analysis to the specifics of the customerís facility

Develop Sales Literature

Use the programís typical buildings to prepare marketing literature for local weather condition by building type (schools, retail, etc,) Train new marketing staff on cost saving opportunities for your customers.

Use to Focus Your Marketing Effort

Test the economic viability of a wide range of different systems.  Pick the most attractive application and building type, and develop your marketing focus. Perfect for ESCO marketers


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