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InterEnergy Software develops and markets array of software products for HVAC, natural gas and power generation consultants, system designers, and equipment marketers. Many of our clients also include operators and facility managers, gas and electric utility marketers, and ESCO engineers and marketers. (see partial list of our clients)


This version of BinMaker PRO adds TMY3 (Typical Meteorological Year) data sets with 1020 U.S. locations to TMY2 bin energy analysis available in the previous versions.  

CASCADE was designed to model/analyze performance of natural gas  and hydrogen vehicle fueling systems and their often complex interaction with vehicles.  CASCADE provides a simple, yet powerful tool for looking at a broad range of gaseous fueling station and vehicle factors, including: compressor size, cascade storage size and pressure, number of cascade banks, vehicle fuel storage capacity and operating pressure, etc

Engineering Tool from InterEnergy Software Offers Sophisticated Analysis of Power Generation with Heat Recovery for Commercial/Industrial Applications in Addition to its Extensive HVAC System Evaluation Capabilities.

Calculate annual or monthly loads and costs associated with various configurations of air conditioning, heating, and on-site power generation with Building Energy Analyzer. Compare the performance of standard and high efficiency electric chillers, variable speed electric chillers, absorption chillers, engine chillers, hybrid chillers configurations, thermal storage, on-site power generation, heat recovery, and desiccant systems.


Building Energy Analyzer PRO New!  BinMaker PRO -  Version 3.0 CASCADE  800-883-7743

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> more info                   > buy now!

> more info                   > buy now!

To purchase any of the InterEnergy Software products and inquire about volume discount with multiple copies (6 or more),  please call  or  send e-mail :



Upgrade!    BinMaker PRO 3.0 upgrade version is available to the registered users of previous versions.

To be qualified with the update version, you must provide the valid serial number of BinMaker PRO version 2.1 or earlier. One valid serial number can be upgraded to one license of the version 3.0.